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Local DJ asks listeners how to "get rid" of Cindy Sheehan

This past Saturday on 98.7 KLUV, based in North Dallas, a disk jockey made some disparaging remarks about Cindy Sheehan. While that certainly would not be the first time such a thing has happened, the local Air America group was up in arms after DJ Jim Prewitt solicited call-ins from listeners.

He asked the public, "How do we get rid of Cindy Sheehan?"

Prewitt also refered to Sheehan as "Cindy SheMan," and speculated what might be done to drive her off her newly-purchased land in Crawford, Texas. The Flower Mound Democrats, responding to calls for support from Dallas Air America members, called and wrote in, decrying what they saw as the solicitation of violence against a private citizen.

After numerous calls and emails from local Liberals, KLUV program director "Peter Z" responded, saying ...
"I have listened to the tapes and verified the comment. It was spoken by Jim Prewitt, our Saturday night request show host. I have addressed the topic with Jim.

Regardless of votes, polls or anything political, the comments were inappropriate and uncalled for.

While I encourage our staff to say and do things that will inspire feedback, this in no way fits the template of what we're all about.

The issue has been addressed and will not happen again. I appologize for the offensive nature of the broadcast. "

Responding to the initial complaint filed by Judith Bowman-Kreitmeyer - a DFW Air America member - KLUV's Jody Dean wrote ...
Judith ...

Since you copied this to me, I'll respond. Peter is out of town till Tuesday, and I'm sure he'll respond then as well.

You didn't ask, but I'm convinced the war in Iraq was and is the right thing to do. My logic for that has nothing to do with whether I support the current president or not. If you'd like to know those reasons, I'd be glad to share them. But just because I think a particular war is necessary doesn't mean I think war is preferable.

Sadly, sometimes they are unavoidable. Whether this is one of those is arguable. But in any case, I am not pro war. Knowing him as I do, neither is Jay. [The complaintant mentioned the wrong DJ's name in her initial correspondance. - G.M.]

That said, Cindy Sheehan deserves to have her name pronounced correctly. Whatever I think of her motices or the psychology behind them, she is entitled to her views - even if she did falsify the buyer's statement in order to purchase the land near President Bush's ranch. And regardless of that, I won't quibble with a parent who has lost a child in the service of this country - whatever their views. At any rate, the Crawford homeowners association meetings just got a lot more interesting.

Cindy Sheehan can say what she wishes. So can Jay. Likewise, you have the right to change stations. I hope you don't. Largely because Casey Sheehan (at least theoretically) died not only so that people might give voice to their opinions, but that those opinions might be heard. His blood and the blood of others demand that we not be so easily riled at each other.

Besides - Cindy seems to have rather thick skin. I imagine there's not much she hasn't heard.

(Bold text added for emphasis.)

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