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Air America Dallas no more? - UPDATE

An update on Air America Dallas going off the air ...

The story, broken by your Faithful Muckraker, has now been picked up by our good friends at D Magazine.

Further correspondence with Nancy Cunningham reveals a slight error in the previous post. About 50 percent of Air America affiliates around the country are on Clear Channel stations. So, perhaps there is a chance of flipping one of them, especially since the Dallas Air America station was turning a profit.

Furthermore, a similar situation cropped up in Phoenix this past February. The station, even though it was turning a profit, was bought up by a Christian broadcasting company, much like Air America Dallas. It went off the air on March 6. By April 3, it was back, albeit on a different channel. Local businesses donated funds and several wealthy investors pooled their money and revived the channel.

For all you North Texans who are Blue at Heart, keep the faith! Air America Dallas might be gone for a little while, but with some hard work, a lot of phone calls, and a couple wealthy individuals of like-mind, it will be back.

Now, get to work and bring this station back! The elections are just around the corner.

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