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Crooks in High Places

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Greg Abbott knows nothing about nothing. This is (apparently) a good summation of his understanding of campaign finance law.

Greg Abbott, the Attorney General of Texas, has been using hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to finance his campaign videos. Any dope could tell you that is illegal. But, yet again, he seems to know nothing about nothing.

His opponent, David Van O's - the gun owning, tollway hating, big oil regulating Texas Democrat - said the following ...
The "good guy" image of himself that Greg Abbott is spending millions of dollars to promote is phonier than a three-dollar bill. Beneath the glossy campaign ads, he's a thief and a hypocrite, and his claim to be such a nice guy is a pack of lies.

Abbott has been caught red-handed using film produced by state employees on state equipment and on state time in his campaign commercials and in his campaign website. WFAA-TV laid out the undeniable evidence in its 10:00 news on October 27. Anyone with an Internet connection can view the story at wfaa.com.

The WFAA report also reveals that Abbott set up an expensive video department in the AG's office on tax dollars so he could produce films for his grandstanding at the taxpayers' expense.

Greg Abbott is a state employee. State law prohibits state employees from using state resources for political purposes. It's stealing the taxpayers' money.


There's no difference between stealing a penny and stealing a dollar; cheating on a test or cheating in an election; little white lies or whoppers.
Play it again, Dave.

One will really have to stop and wonder what the hell is going on with our democracy if Greg Abbott wins re-election.

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