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Iraq/Afghanistan vets rate Congress

The IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America) has issued a report card on the Congress and who they feel has given our soldiers the support they need. Guess who didn't get very good grades.

Here's the lineup of the usual suspects ...

Texas Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison:
Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn:
Texas Republican Congressman Michael Burgess (Dist. 26):
Texas Republican Congressman Kenny Marchant (Dist. 24):
The overall verdict from the IAVA is that Congressional Democrats have OVERWHELMINGLY voted in support of our soldiers. Republicans, they say, have not in the least.

Interesting, considering many Republicans accuse the Democrats of being "terrorist appeasers." It seems as though the opposite is true.

To find out how your Representative or Senator stacks up on the "Support the Troops" scale, check out the IAVA website.

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