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Camp Falcon base destroyed, coverup ongoing

On Tuesday, October 10, Iraqi militia members fired mortar rounds into Camp Falcon, a forward base and ammo dump in Baghdad. It ignited what the BBC called a "series of blasts" that "caused no casualties or injuries." ABC News reported the same.

However, this may not be the truth. Three battalions of soldiers were housed there. Now reports are surfacing that the first-day death tally could be as high as 300, and the numbers are rising. This was caused by one, single attack.

Several Marines captured it all on video. At one point, after a massive explosion sends a mushroom-cloud hundreds of feet into the air, the Marines are concerned about being downwind from the blast, indicating their concern that a biological or nuclear agent may have been detonated. Many have suggested that at least one tactical nuclear weapon exploded that night. Baghdad residents were still being rocked by blasts on Wednesday morning.

Here is the Marines' video.

Here is a video captured by a cameraman for the Islamic Media Alliance. Skip forward to 3:56 to see the so-called nuclear explosion.

A list of casualties has been posted here. It is not known if this list is accurate, because the military refuses to acknowledge any personnel died, or were even injured. Remember: three battalions were stationed at Camp Falcon, along with a large fleet of Bradley fighting vehicles and Strykers.

The Islamic Army in Iraq, the country's largest militia, claimed responsibility for the attack.

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