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GOPedophile-gate continues

GOPedophile-gate just keeps getting worse. Updates from around The Party ...
Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) saw sexually explicit instant messages from Foley to a page over six years ago. Action taken? Zero.

Newsweek: Foley scandal will bring down the GOP.

LA TIMES: Ex-page describes having sex with Foley in his dorm.

Faux News' Sean Hannity: "Clinton had oral sex in the White House and you guys are worried about instant messages?" (10/6/06)

Focus on the Family's Dr. James Dobson, uber-Religious Right figure and string-puller within Republican circles, thinks Foley's antics are "sort of a joke" or a "prank." Wingnuts Matt Drudge and Michael Savage agree with Dobson, and think the little boys are to blame.
Shame on those little boys for the terrible things they're doing to this poor, poor pedophile. Right? Riiiight?

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