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The three stooges of the apocalypse

I'm addicted to news about this scandal. I don't know why. The entire newsroom is talking about Foley's chat transcripts, and I can't stop laughing about these pictures on Talking Points Memo ...

"Heck of a job Brownie," George "Nukuler" Bush and GOPedophile Mark Foley, making the rounds in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Another great source of humor, Foley presenting the "Rough Rider" award ...

I'm also finding a large sum of "funny" from a Miami Herald article published in 2003. It reads ...
In his quest for a seat in the U.S. Senate, Rep. Mark Foley has rankled a group that is barely covered in most elections: nudists.

Foley, of West Palm Beach, has hit the national TV and radio talk-show circuit in recent weeks to bash a Tampa-area summer camp not unlike most camps - except that the boys and girls, ages 11-18, are naked.

Foley, a Republican hoping to replace Sen. Bob Graham, says that letting naked teenagers play together is immoral and potentially dangerous.

Talking Points Memo points out ...
The article concludes by noting that "The naturists plan to invite Foley to visit the camp and judge it for himself" but that it was "an invitation Foley said he plans to refuse."

In other news, President Bush says that the American people shouldn't trust Democrats, but he's not quite sure why.

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