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Army made video about DU danger in '95

For years the Army has denied dangers associated with depleted uranium munitions. We used them in the first Gulf War, and every military conflict since then.

Depleted Uranium is poison. Radioactive waste, permeating our soldiers' bodies, riddling them with cancers, cysts, and chronic health problems that will haunt them until the end of their days.

We have destroyed not only Iraq's stability as a nation, but also their future generations. As mutated DNA is passed on from mother to child, this deep wound will only morph into a lasting scar.

In 2005, House Democrats put forward the Depleted Uranium Screening and Testing Act - a bill that would initiate a program which could save many lives. It was defeated along partisan lines.

My Congressman, Michael C. Burgess, a DOCTOR of all things, voted against this, and against the interests of every single man and women in our armed forces.

Months later, in February of 2006, The Lone Star Iconoclast in Crawford, Texas cracked the DU story, and weighed in heavily on the debate with their special issue, Have DU, Will Travel.

Several months after that, one of my best friends from high school returned from the desert after completing his third tour in 'Dad.

He died shortly thereafter from a rapidly-developing brain tumor. He was a demolitions expert. Depleted Uranium was his bread and butter.

His name was Charles Brooke Wood. And don't you forget it.

And now, a video made by the Army in 1995 that describes in very muted terms the dangers of depleted uranium, has been leaked on the Internet.

Agent Orange was tame compared to this stuff.

And even the Army is being forced to admit it.

I pray this is the beginning of the end for this horrible, horrible weapon.

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