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New Pentagon math cuts casualties number

Are they serious?

The Pentagon just found a way to reduce the number of casualties in Iraq. In their brilliant scheming, they figured out that by changing their terminology from "casualties" to "nonmortal casualties", the Iraq civil war won't seem so bad to Americans.

The process works a little like this ...

So with this handy-dandy "Pentagon Math", we can see that Iraq's toll on America, by number of casualties, isn't really 47,657 people.

It is 31,493, silly!

Nevermind those "other" 16,164 troops that were listed as "casualties" ...

Now that we've reclassified and excluded them from our casualties count, maybe it is time to review the medical benefits they're getting. That way we can completely forget they exist, which most certainly works politically for the Warparty.

Yes, we can forget they exist ... Unless, of course, one of your friends was Jonathan Schulze. Or you know another person like him.

In which case, excluding casualties might not be such a good thing.

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