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Cuban to distribute 9/11 Truth movie

The owner of The Dallas Mavericks is about to prove he's more of a maverick than anyone previously thought ...

Mark Cuban is going to bankroll distribute Loose Change Volume Three -- a film which alleges criminal elements within the United States government conspired with terrorists to carry out the September 11, 2001 attacks. The film will be screened in Cuban's Magnolia movie theater chain. 9/11 Truth activist Charlie Sheen will be narrating the final cut.

Many of you dismiss the 9/11 Truth Movement outright. I do not.

I have no conclusions; merely questions. The makers of Loose Change put forward a theory; I do not.

But lemme tell you ... Video clips like this one really tighten my wig:

"... shot down the plane over Penssylvania,"???


A new version of Loose Change is coming soon to a theater near you. You can watch the current version of the film here.

There's a group near me called North Texans for 9/11 Truth. They made it out to last Monday's block party at the planned site of the Bush library on the SMU campus. A video of their exploits recently surfaced on their Website, and it features your Humble Muckraker for a moment at the end. Dig it!

Better still, they made the front page of Park Cities People ...

(An unrelated side-note: the reporter credited for the Park Cities article, Stephanie Ackerman, used to work for The Flower Mound Leader. We were city council buddies for a few months. Last I heard, her boyfriend is in Iraq. So, best wishes Stephanie. Thanks for reporting on my friends' party. There'll be many, many more to come.)


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