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Snow on "The Gap"

The Justice Department recently purged over 3,000 pages from its databases, many of them e-mails and memos. As reporters have been discovering, there was a lot of talk about firing these U.S. Attorneys. Then, there's a gap - 18 days in which no e-mails or memos are present, as though they had been deleted.

When asked about this earlier today, White House spokesman Tony Snow had an amazing response. This, if nothing else, should tell you all there is to know about what is going on ...
"I'm lead to believe there's a good response for it," he said.
And we're lead to believe, Tony, that your boss is lying and trying to hide from the rule of law which he swore to uphold.

Pre-election firing of US Attorneys who were working on corruption cases related to prominent members of your own party -- otherwise known as Obstruction of Justice -- is not behavior befitting a president.

And no, my Republican friends, Clinton didn't do the same thing. His AG did NOT fire all the US Attorneys when taking office. Nor did they toss any attorneys who were investigating Democrats.

But if he did, it would have been just as wrong then as it is now.

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