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The Prestige

There are two particular photos shown in this video. See if you can spot the difference between them.

This is "news" to me. It should be news to everyone. The National Institute of Standards and Technology appears to be shopping a doctored photo of World Trade Center 7.

Why would they do such a thing?

After watching the above video several times, I decided to look a little closer. So I read this, this, and this. Watched this, and this. And I baffled over this

One photo, showing the 10-story gash, is attributed to the New York Fire Department. So it would seem as though the NIST is not in the business of manufacturing images. Although ...

It still does not sync with this photo, taken by a nearby citizen. Both towers were already down, so any damage to the structure would have already been done.

Either we're peering into an alternate-but-parallel universe, or one of these images been altered. But which one?


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