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When "flip-flopping" is a good thing

Republican Congressman from Georgia Bob Barr in 1998 ...
"Now, I think this is just a logical step. If we want a drug-free America, if we want a drug-free workplace, if we want drug-free prisons and drug-free schools and drug-free highways, we probably ought to have a drug-free capital, to say to prohibit the legalization of marijuana in the District of Columbia, where millions of our constituents come, year in and year out, day in and day out, week in and week out. They ought to be safe."
Former Republican Congressman from Georgia Bob Barr in 2007 ...
“I, over the years, have taken a very strong stand on drug issues, but in light of the tremendous growth of government power since 9/11, it has forced me and other conservatives to go back and take a renewed look at how big and powerful we want the government to be in people’s lives.”
And get this: the one-time drug warrior has, as of yesterday, become a lobbyist for the Marijuana Policy Project in Washington D.C.

Golly. You see a lot of strange and unnatural things these days. Weird stories of doom and failure are the currency of the land.

Like cannibals, hopped up on juice, roaming the countryside in search of skulls to gnaw on.

I think there'll be a lot of cannibals out for Mr. Barr's skull once they read this. Talk about an amazing about-face.


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