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CNN - The Most Trusted Name in News?

I'm not so sure about that slogan ...

When CNN aired the GOP debate the other night, not only was there a massive discrepancy of time devoted to the bigwigs (BlueRudy, ChristianMitt, McWar), leaving very little for guys like Huckabee, Paul, or TommyTomThompson.

But that's not what I'm really bitching about today.

As as become the norm lately, CNN posted a talk-back page on its Website. But after a little more than an hour, someone with some sort of authority at the network had the page scrubbed; putting in its place comments about the recent Democratic debate.

So, why did CNN react to aversely to what people were saying?

This is what it looks like now

This is what it looked like before

Catch my drift? People are clamoring for Ron Paul. He's the type of conservative everyone can get behind, and I think a lot of people are. In a Vote.com poll asking who won the last debate, here's how Dr. Paul faired ...

So, now we have three television networks - ABC, CNN and MSNBC - attempting to basically rub this man's popularity out. One must only assume it is because he does not have a tremendous advertising budget, or that he does not do enough pandering to corporate interests. Or maybe the effort is from within the party itself. All of these are possibilities.

I'm just wondering what it is going to take to get this guy as much airtime as the other candidates.

Oh well. In the mean time - and there is still a lot of time left - you can watch his YouTube channel and admire from afar.


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