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Cindy Sheehan: Good Riddance, Media Bore


My friend Nathan Diebenow, Associate Editor of The Lone Star Iconoclast in Crawford, Texas, really takes it to Cindy Sheehan in a recent column entitled "Good Riddance, Media Bore".

Having been to Camp Casey and the Crawford Peace House a half-dozen times now (but only staying overnight thrice), I can say he's right about a number of things. Like the passage, "This leads me to the 'Cindy Sheehan worshipers' who attended her party last weekend. To me, the whole affair felt like a family reunion for vampires."

While I would not characterize my time spent in Crawford as hanging with 'vampires' (I actually like almost everyone I've encountered there), there is an element of prestige they seem to carry, being that they were there, with Cindy. Like bing pictured with Cindy is somehow more remarkable than being pictured with any mother whose son has died in this pointless damned war. (Though I'll admit to taking that picture as well, *natch*.)

But, our media did make her out to be the face of the American peace movement.

Then again, she really doesn't think like an organizer. Her mythos has never included anyone other than herself. She's a real sweetie, don't get me wrong. But Nathan is right. She's a real hound for the cameras, as she should be, but everyone else, some with stories far more compelling, gets brushed to the side when she's around.

So Cindy isn't in Crawford anymore. But the Peace Movement still is. Bree Walker is. So are my friends at the Crawford Peace House. So is The Iconoclast.

What remains in question now is whether this mecca for Revolution will remain a viable point in the annals of peacemaker history. And that's up to the people now, no longer just Cindy. But us.

And, well, let's face it: Cindy isn't as good an interview as say, Reverand Yearwood.

The Peace Movement needs new public faces. Cindy's 'retirement' (more like a brief hiatus before launching off on new projects) is a good thing. I'm not as strident as Nathan, as I haven't been exposed to the circus for as long. But I will say this ...

We've heard Cindy's story. We know the tragedy that touched her and thousands of others. We understand that it must stop, but in order to convince more of our countrymen, one voice must become thousands. I want to hear about these people:

It is time to move on.

Not every movement can select those who speak for it. Here's to hoping those who can choose -- those holding the cameras and picking the edits -- will turn to the swarming masses in the streets for their next new face.

As Immortal Technique said, "Change gone come". So we'd better get ready for it.


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