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Libby gets a pardon

In July 2005, responding to critics who claim someone in the administration leaked the covert identity of a CIA spy working on WMD nonproliferation, President Bush said that if someone is found to have committed a crime, they would "no longer work in my administration."

Once it became clear that the Vice President, the Veep's Chief of Staff, and the President's top political adviser all had a hand in the crime, Bush did nothing.

Then, Lewis had his day in court. It was ugly.

He was found guilty of lying under oath and obstructing the investigation. Not only was he involved, but he committed further crimes covering it all up.

Today, he's been given a new lease on life: a pardon by the president.

Does that mean that jeopardizing the lives of undercover intelligence operatives then lying to investigators and a jury is an okay thing to do? Seems that way ...


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