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Smoke weed, not speed

Or, better still, don't do any illegal drugs.

But seriously though ... According to ABC News, there's a skirmish brewing in D.C. about how federal funds are being used in the so-called "War on Drugs". The Bush Administration is so obsessed with combating marijuana due to its rampant popularity and false-flag "gateway effect" that it neglects the most harmful and addictive narcotic out there: methamphetamine.

We're wasting billions of tax dollars on anti-pot measures that include cartoon ads (I prefer this one), featuring talking dogs, self-parodies with a deflated (or is it melting?) teen, and brothers making out with each other on "accident" because they were just "too blazed" on the reefer. I don't know about you, but the "Above the Influence" ads actually make me want to consume illegal substances.

("Gee, Wally ... So, you're telling me that I can have a coversation with my dog if I take a puff of that funny cigarette? Gosh ...")

In the mean-time, communities, even entire towns, are being ripped to shreds by an easy-to-produce, easy-to-conceal substance that contains battery acid, among other frightening compounds. The smoke can cause chemical burns, for chrissake, yet we are so obsessed with a nontoxic plant that has never been directly linked to a death-by-overdose?

Ehh. Enough ranting. Just read the ABC piece. Outside of shutting down the battle against our own people, there's better applications for the blood money pumped into this war-cartel. Meth kills. Weed doesn't. Comprende?

Minimize harm. And don't forget to laugh --

After all, we're still (sorta) free.


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