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Govt. plans "biggest" terror drill, ever.

On Sept. 11, 2001, FAA employees could not track the hijacked planes because they did not know which errant radar blips they were -- an exercise, Operation Northern Vigilance, simulated multiple hijackings. Officially, it was a 'test' of our readiness. But, we all know what really happened.

A similar test was going on in London the day of the bus bombs. Many of the paranoid types, for good reason, get extremely hyper whenever these big terror drills are announced. And today, CBS News has revealed the U.S. Govt. is planning its biggest terror drill yet.

Next week, three nuclear detonations will be simulated across the United States at critical "transportation arteries" -- Portland, Oregon, Phoenix, Arizona and Guam. They're calling the operation "TOPOFF".

Be aware.


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