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Border patrol brutalizes American protesters

A group of peaceful American protesters was brutally attacked by border patrol agents on Sunday. At the No Borders Camp in Calexico, California, where a group of nearly 500 activists had been camping on both the U.S./Mexico border (legally, as organized via the Internet), a collection of nearly 100 border patrol agents descended upon the protest wielding batons and firing pepper pellets.

The video of this assault on our Constitutional rights is appalling.

Three people were arrested for the crime of "Obstructing a Federal Agent," and are scheduled to be arraigned this morning. On the contrary -- they should be released, Immediately.

Whether you agree with them on the border issue or not, these sorts of things should never happen in the United States. We bleed to secure that freedom. And yet, it seems we shall have to bleed some more.

San Diego IndyMedia has more.


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