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I suppose I'm lucky, then

Oh. My. God!

The link above is to a story of a man who's genitals were torn off by his bi-polar wife. One night the poor guy was just chilling out in bed, having made a habit of getting under the covers around 8 every night. He wakes up to find his wife of all people, tearing his junk up. It got so bad, she actually ripped two parts right off his body. I dare not speculate what two parts.

I suppose I'm one of the lucky ones. I was with a bi-polar girl for almost two years. She only attacked me a few times (four), when she'd get all drunk and pilled up on xanax and perscription speed. But the worst that happened to me was being bitten, slapped, scratched and knocked in the back of the head with a big-ass statue. Then she'd buy a bunch of stuff and pretend everything was okay. It was never okay, but I was dumb enough to let her keep living on my dime.

I thought I had it bad. Now I feel very fortunate.

And should that certain bi-polar person be reading this ... GO FU*K YOURSELF. (Sorry, folks. Venting. You understand, right?)

At least I've still got my junk, unlike this other poor soul.

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