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Where'd I go?

I've lost myself in a cornucopia of video game delights.

A little background on your Muckraker ...

I used to edit a little site called Binary Culture. I used to be obsessed with video games. I still have a short attention span, no mistake about that, but I'm not able to spend so much time or money on interactive entertainment anymore. Such is the working life. So being a professional isn't all that fun when you get down to it.

For the last few years, each summer I have found myself in Los Angeles for the Entertainment Electronics Exposition, otherwise known as E3.

E3 is going on right now. Tomorrow, the show floor at the LA Convention Center opens to the industry -- about 25,000 slobbering, drooling gamefreaks and professionals. Man, it is a crazy week if you're there. And obviously, I'm not there.

But I'm not here either. I've been distracted by the damn web streams over at GameSpot. I am particularly fascinated with Nintendo this year, and I'll certainly be in line to buy their next video game system, Wii (pronounced "We").

It packs a motion sensitive controller that lets you interact with your games in a way never before imagined. People who have never played games before will pick this thing up -- it sort of looks like a TV remote -- and find themselves instantly addicted.

I just saw a trailer of a game called "Red Steel" that made me all giddy inside. I'm a 23 year old man. Am I still allowed to say that? "Giddy." Anyhow, check this out: go to GameSpot's videos page and click on "Red Steel Official Trailer One." You'll see.

Anyway, I'm a nerd. Just stopping in to explain why there will be few updates today. I get out of work at 3:30, then I'm headed to city council at 7. Should be interesting, in a community news sort of way.

Peace in the Middle East.

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