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GOP House chiefs covering up for pedophile

This is amazing. The Washington Post is reporting that GOP Reps Boehner and Hastert BOTH knew about Rep. Foley's contact with young boys NEARLY SIX MONTHS AGO. What did they do about it? Nadda.

So, we've got a pedophile working as the GOP's front-line protector of children (link - explicit language - you've been warned), and two men in charge of the U.S. House of Representatives who would provide cover for the freak to continue this behavior.

These people are running our country? If you aren't outraged, you aren't human.

Almost better still, Rep. Foley, the pedophile, will have to remain on the Florida ballot.

You've got to love those down-home, Christian, family values. Yes, the Republican Party is truly the party of Jesus.

**Update ...
Oops. Forgot to mention Rep. Reynolds. He was also involved in the coverup. Looks like morality and the rule of law don't run quite as deep as party loyalty with these freaks.

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