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How to: Get a paper ballot this November

Most informed members of this Republic remember what happened during the Nov., 2000 Presidential election. Republicans in Texas, where one Bush was Governor, compiled a list of "criminals" who had moved to Florida, governed by another Bush, from the Lone Star State. These individuals were to be purged from the rolls, thereby making their potential ballots null and void.

The scheme worked. 57,700 voters were removed from the list. Most of them were black (I.E. Democratic base), and most of them had never committed crimes.

Recently, Princeton University demonstrated how simple it is to hack one of Diebold's electronic voting machines, completely flipping an election and leaving no trace behind. Clearly, this is a dire threat to our democracy.

Denton County, where I and many of this blog's readers live, recently switched to the Hart InterCivic eSlate machines, which is supposed to make it easier for disabled people to vote. What we know: in Tarrant county, just a few miles away, these machines added an additional 100,000 votes to the recent Republican and Democrat primary elections.

Given the chances for out-and-out fraud in this upcoming, very crucial election, it is up to us, the voters who will DEMAND change, to ensure our votes are cast on PAPER BALLOTS. But it isn't so simple as just asking for one at your polling place.

To vote on paper, in most states, you will have to get an absentee ballot, and you have to get it as soon as possible. This requires you to actually do something before the election, so take note!

To get your absentee ballot, no matter where you live -- ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES -- click here. You have to have a voter registration card, because they will ask you for a Precinct Number. If you do not have this card yet, go to your nearest post office and DO SO!

If you live in Denton County and you wish to vote on an absentee ballot, there are a couple steps ... First! Read the official instructions. (PDF format)

Second! Print this application (also PDF format), and MAIL IT IN! This must be received by the elections administrator by Oct. 31, 2006, or you will have to go to the polls and risk voting on an eSlate.

If you follow these steps, you will be casting a paper ballot this November. You will be helping to protect the Republic. So do it, and let's make some real change. The leaders must adhere to the vote of the people. Do not let them take that from you. Cast a paper ballot.

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