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Sean Hannity helping gay conservatives

He's such a civic-minded person.

Sean Hannity -- abandoner of logic, hounder of reason, illustrious host of some dumbshit Faux News program -- has launched a new project. Entitled "Hannidate", the television/radio host hopes his new dating site will put more Conservatives in touch with one another. And in touch they are!

The site plays host to such classic characters as patriotpaul, who claims, and I'm quoting here ...
I like to colict guns and shoot animals in the wild. If God did not intendt us to have us guns we woulnt shoot them critters. Hell I can fire up a stove in no time to roast me some deer. I shoot me some queers if i catch one of them suma*****es in the woods out baqck. We need to clean out this country of queers wetbacks librus towel heads and all. I need a good christian woaman who feels like this.
(He's probably pulling a hoax, considering how hard he tries to be a cliche' wingnutter.)

Broken News journalist Erik Nelson found the gay underbelly of Mr. Hannity's God-fueled sex-connector in an article he calls simply, "Sean Hannity's Gay Dating Website".

You should read it. Really.

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