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Alberto now tied to TYC pedophile scandal

Dear Lord! We have reached a new, all-time low.

It is now being alleged that the Texas Attorney General's office, as well as Gonzales' Department of "Justice", IGNORED the Texas Youth Commission sexual abuse reports from Texas Rangers for OVER A YEAR due to political pressure. The prosecution was prepared by US Attorneys at the behest of the Texas Rangers, but when it went up the chain of command, the case was squashed.

I'll be damned.

That means US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, along with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, knew children were being raped in their "correctional" facilities, but did nothing about it because the scandal would have damaged other prominent Republicans' (re)election bids.

If it can be shown they both knew about it, they should resign immediately.

If they didn't know about something this serious going on in their respective agencies, they should resign out of embarrassment of their unbelievably poor management.

This is inexcusable.

Why do these things always, always, always go to the very top of the chain of command?


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