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Real Nightmare ...

Attention-attention, everyone!

Because some criminal terrorist did something, every single one of us formerly free people will now have to submit to intense government scrutiny and a complete loss of privacy.

Michael Chertoff, in association with The Department of Fatherland Security, proudly presents ...


(aka - the "National I.D. Card - aka - the "Mark of The Beast" - aka - the next major battle in the War on Freedom)

There are 186 pages of proposed rules set forward by the DHS. Here's a few (nod to Wired Magazine) ...

* Applicants must present a valid passport, certified birth certificate, green card or other valid visa documents to get a license and states must check all other states' databases to ensure the person doesn't have a license from another state.

* States must use a card stock that glows under ultraviolet light, and check digits, hologramlike images and secret markers.

* Identity documents must expire before eight years and must include legal name, date of birth, gender, digital photo, home address and a signature. States can propose ways to let judges, police officers and victims of domestic violence keep their addresses off the cards. There are no religious exemptions for veils or scarves for photos.

* States must keep copies of all documents, such as birth certificates, Social Security cards and utility bills, for seven to 10 years.

The project will costs "states and individuals" $23 billion over the next decade, starting in 2008.

It will create the largest single database about U.S. citizens ever imagined, all in the name of safety, under the guise of good intentions.

It will protect us from the terrorists who've killed just as many Americans as lightning strikes since 1960 ... And you know how concerned we are with preventing lightning strikes.

Real I.D. will serve as an "internal passport", required for almost all interaction in the public domain. You will not be able to open a checking or savings account, invest in the stock market, use any government service, board any mass transportation vehicle such as a bus, train or airplane, or enter any government building if you do not posses the card.

But there are many who stand against this, even today. Join them, and maybe we won't have to march in our streets once we've been barred from our banks.

There is still time to stop this insanity.


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