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You and I are Josephe Padilla. (Or could be, anyway.)

What happened to the Joseph Padilla interrogation tape?

That's what human rights organizations are wondering today, as a Pentagon representative tells America (but mostly just U.S. Judge Marcia Cooke in Miami) that it has gone missing.
"This is the kind of thing you hear when you’re litigating cases in Egypt or Morocco or Karachi,” said John Sifton, a lawyer with Human Rights Watch, one of a number of groups that has criticized the U.S. government’s treatment of Padilla. “It is simply not credible that they would have lost this tape. The administration has shown repeatedly they are more interested in covering up abuses than getting to the bottom of whether people were abused."
Interestingly, Mr. Padilla has just been declared competent to stand trial. Some experts have diagnosed him as suffering Stockholm's syndrome. Perhaps there's some clues as to why on this missing tape?

Or is 'clues' is the wrong word?

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