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Free Mumia - "help 'em fry the n-----"

From The Herald-Tribune, on Mumia's 1982 conviction ...

As for the judge, the late Albert Sabo presided at both the two-week trial and a lengthy post-conviction hearing in 1995. Abu-Jamal contends Sabo was a pro-police racist.

Sabo reportedly used a racial epithet to refer to Abu-Jamal, according to lawyer Robert R. Bryan, who represents Abu-Jamal on appeal.

"Judge Sabo stated ... that he was 'going to help 'em fry the n-----,'" Bryan wrote, quoting from a court stenographer's 2001 deposition.

And from yesterday's Phillidelphia Inquirer ...
Though a decision in the Abu-Jamal case is not expected for months, the two-hour proceeding this week promises to refocus national and international attention on one of the city's most notorious cases. Bryan said that lawyers and lawmakers from France and Germany are planning to attend the proceeding at the U.S. Courthouse at Sixth and Market Streets.

Abu-Jamal, a former radio reporter then driving a cab, was convicted in 1982 of the shooting death of Faulkner, who had just pulled over Abu-Jamal's brother near 13th and Locust Streets in the early-morning hours of Dec. 9, 1981.
Abu-Jamal ran from a parking lot across the street. Faulkner was shot and killed, and Abu-Jamal was wounded in an exchange of gunfire.

Prosecutors contended that Abu-Jamal fired the shots that killed Faulkner; Abu-Jamal contended that another man killed Faulkner and then fled the scene.
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court upheld his conviction and sentence in 1989 and also rejected subsequent appeals.


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