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Ron Paul (almost) owns GOP debate again

He landed in second place this time, according to the Faux News poll, which I honestly do not trust. In the poll, Ron Paul placed second at 25%, with Mit Romney scoring slightly higher at 29%.

Here's Ron Paul's clips from last night's debate, if you were like most of America and simply couldn't stomach another panel of Neo-Cons, just to watch a real Conservative wango his fandango. It was a good fandango. More entertaining than last time, and it was good to see the guy stick up for himself so eloquently after slightly stumbling with his phraseology on why other countries hate us.

That guy's The Man. His honesty and substance-over-style approach really put the other candidates on their heels. Good ole' Blue Rudy tried to snap back with that 9/11 comment, but anyone who knows a God Damn Thing about America's foreign policy over the last 50 years agrees with Ron Paul.

Its almost a playground principal, really. Don't hit your friend and they won't hit you back. We've been wailing on a lot of people for a long time. So sure, national defense is positive, but slaughtering hundreds of thousands more innocents is no way to bring about peace.


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