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Oh. My. GOd, Giuliani!!!

I mean, all I can say is ... "What the FU*K are you babbling on about, you fascist-sounding, authoritarian Neo-CON, *ahem* -- "pro choice"-- R.epublicanI.nN.ameO.nly???"

Does he not understand what Dr. Paul SAID? People, please, let's keep in mind this guy used to be a talk radio show host. (*note the little softener-piece about his live ferretFreAKoUt, published by the Christian Broadcasting Network; kinda makes me wonder if the "Christian" networks are going to support a pro-choice candidate*)

Listen to this craaaaazed AssHo*e (-- I mean that, censored and not), here; please read the accompanying text. I could never have put this any better.

Oh, and for a hoot, my love to NY ...

Rudy Giuliani In Drag - Watch more amazing videos here

Vote PEACE in 2008. I'm down for Ron Paul, the one man who stood on that stage and TOLD THE TRUTH. Blue Rudy can li** my **** . ... ... um ... something. I dunno. Whatever.

Eh, I suppose I've just had enough insults for today ...

Gotta be more zen.


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