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Ron Paul wins GOP debate, HANDS DOWN

... but all is not well in the Shire.

After this happened (please watch):

... this happened:

From C-Span -

From ABC News -

And these from MSNBC News -

And, as you can see from these last couple MSNBC questions, the mainstream's so-called "front runners" were left in the dust ...

The guy is a Goldwater Conservative, much closer to a true Libertarian than any other candidate in both party's fields. If you watched the video above, I'm sure he struck a chord in you too. He raised a lot of eyebrows, and earned himself some enthusiastic supporters.

So why is the corporate media (ABC and MSNBC) censoring news of his resounding victory?

ABC had a small story on how he faired in the Internet polls. The story got thousands of comments in response. So what does ABC do? They DELETE all the comments, and block future ones.

MSNBC, despite sponsoring a poll which Ron Paul ran away with, decided to give the "victory" to Mitt Romney, even though he was hardly a blip on the radar.

If a bomb goes off in your backyard, but the mainstream press doesn't report it, does that mean it didn't make a sound?


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