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"Homeland" security was around before 9/11?

What's up with all these 9/11 coincidences?

In a report from Faux News, aired on September 11, 2001, former Faux News host-turned White House Spokesman Tony Snow claims that the offices in the Pentagon that were hit by ... something ... were under renovation.

In the video, found here, Snow says a new, under construction "Department of Homeland Defense" was where that ... something ... hit the Pentagon. The other office struck was supposedly related to fighting "limited wars" against terrorism. That's, uh, weird. Don'tcha think?

That's almost as weird as a magically indestructible tree -- like the one RIGHT OUTSIDE the new department that nobody bothered to tell us about until after 9/11, formed as a response to "the terrorist threat".

Consider the tree ...

... and you tell me: what the HELL happened?

I wish our government would just make an attempt to explain these anomalies. I'm getting tired of having so-called "conspiracy theorists" putting forward the most comprehensive, 'Oh, that makes much more sense'-type of explanations for this stuff.

I just want the truth. Officially. I think we can deal with it.


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