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Army to take "further action" against civilian critic?

I know what you're thinking ... "HUH?" That's about right.

The Army has threatened a civilian critic of the 'no more free speech' policy. Steven Aftergood, publisher of Secrecy News, with "further action" in a cease-and-desist letter for posting a DECLASSIFIED DOCUMENT on his blog, detailing the new anti-First Amendment policy.

According to ABC reporter Brian Ross, it went down something like this ...

"You have Army Publications hosted on your website illegally," stated the e-mail, which appeared to be from an Army publications employee Cheryl Clark. "There are only 5 Official Army Publications Sites, and you are not one of them."

The e-mail stated that Aftergood could link to Army publications but could not host the documents on his own computer. What's more, she noted that the document, while unclassified, was stamped "For Official Use Only," meaning it was "not intended for public release."

"Please remove this publication immediately or further action will be taken," the e-mail concluded.

Well, pardon the disrespect, but I say F**K them. I am a civilian, and I will gladly criticize this policy because it goes against everything my nation stands for, here AND overseas. So, I've uploaded the very same document to my eSnips account.

Let's see if I get threatened by the Army too. Or maybe my eSnips account will just mysteriously vanish. If either happens, I'll let you know.

**UPDATE - Thursday, May 10, 2:55 p.m.
According to what I'm seeing here, the file isn't showing up on my eSnips account. But for some reason, the direct link (above) still works. You can't view my public eSnips profile - which is searchable - to download the thing. Only the direct link - not searchable - still works.

That wasn't the case when I posted this.

Interesting. Very interesting.


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