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Uncle Sam tells the truth about pot?

American public: "Wait, wait, wait ... So, if I smoke marijuana, I will grow breasts (men), go sterile (men and women), grow hair on my hands, go completely mad, overdose on smack, rob and kill some helpless victim AND run over a child with my vehicle? Is that what you've told me over the last 40 years?"

Government: "Yes, that's what we told you."

American public: "So, is it all true?"

Government: "No. Actually, pot just makes you kinda lazy. It is part of our new ad campaign, 'Telling the truth about pot, for once.'"

American public: "Uh-huh."

From a new anti-drug ad, "Pete's Couch" ...
The spot: A high-school kid sits on a couch in a basement rec room, next to a couple of stoner friends. Looking straight at the camera, he says, “I smoked weed and nobody died. I didn’t get into a car accident. I didn’t OD on heroin the next day. Nothing happened. We sat on Pete’s couch for 11 hours.” The couch then magically teleports into the midst of some wholesome teen scenes ( kids mountain biking, ice skating, playing basketball ), while the zonked-out stoners just sit there, looking bored. Our narrator concedes that you’re more likely to die out there in the real world ( “driving hard to the rim” or “ice skating with a girl” ) than on Pete’s couch back in the rec room. But, deciding it’s worth the trade-off, he says, “I’ll take my chances out there.”
Shockingly honest. For once.

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