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"We made brownies .... And I think I'm dead."

Scenario: cop pulls over motorist. Cop smells pot. Cop steals pot, goes home to vicodin-addled wife. Cop and wife make magic brownies, consume them, and come to the realization, amazingly, some hour and a half later, that "time is going by really, really, really, really slow."

"We made brownies ... And I think I'm dead," he tells the 9-11 operator he called.

He then proceeds to ask her what the score of the Red Wings game was, just to see if "this isn't some kind of hallucination."

Awesome. Listen to the full 9-11 call. Note that the first words on the tape are him uttering an 'Our Father', just before he claims to be convinced that he'd overdosed on a substance that is impossible to overdose on.

Sounds like someone will be changing careers soon.


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